Sep 4, 2016

The Emotional-Self

Digging through the memories,
Looking for myself,
I am left with the fragments,
Distorted, I become
Uncertain, unknown
I dig with caution,
Into myself, so into myself
The narcissism, deflects from the pain,
The pain is evident,
the suffering concealed
The love no longer there
To heal the trauma of time
I am here, but I do not exist
The truth has been vandalized,
And it will be expressed as such.

Digging through the instances,
Through the child's smile,
Through the teenage confusion,
Through the adult counterfeits,
I dig deeper,
Into the memories.
The memories....
Oh the memories.
I let them go. They are not real.
I cut into myself deeper,
I collect the fragments,
I am depressed, regressed,
In fear of losing myself again,
Only to find myself whole.