Sep 4, 2016

Letters to self

Dear Me, 
If I could only tell you back then what I know now.. that your soul is ever more beautiful than the body and form that you have been blessed with... That beauty is reflected in the essence that you are terrified to share with the world.. That you are smarter than you think you are, that you are deeper than you know you are, and that you are more precious than what you were conditioned to believe.. That your feminine energy- intuition, empathy, and creativity- harnesses your true strength and power.. That your value is not defined with perfection of creation, but rather appreciation of creation, however imperfect. That you are loved because you are worthy of love.. And that it is safe to love, it is always safe to love... Most importantly, that you are enough.. Way more than enough. You are a universe on its own..

Much love and appreciation,