Sep 6, 2016


I have believed in lies.
I believed that for me to be free
I have to be different,
For me to be independent
I have to be separate,
For me to remain my unique self,
I have to reject oneness.
These were my excuses.
That I am special on my own,
Which means I don't get to enjoy myself with any one,
and that I am essentially alone.
I believed that
For me to express my uniqueness was a loss,
for sharing myself would mean
losing myself.
These were my lies.
I believed them to my core.
They protected me from sharing the love I have to offer
and the freedom to live.
These were the construct of my conditioning.
I know now, I am free to be
I am independent in my dependence on the universe.
Today, I wear my self,
proud, brave, and victorious.
I see my truth and I am high on life.
I celebrate my awareness, with my presence.
I know, I am supported by His unconditional love,
always and forever.
These were my lies.
These were my excuses.
They are not mine anymore.
I sent them to His light.
They are taken care of.