Oct 14, 2011

A Matter Of Matter

I am matter, guided by the presence of undetermined energy. I am this energy, both negative and positive, both dark and light, both bad and good.

I am matter. I am not perfect. I am not beautiful. I am not gender. I am not religion. I am not expectations. I am an experiment. I am not a matter of achievements, or ambitions, or magnitudes . I am a series of expansions and contractions. I am opposition and sameness. I am a magnet of information, a matter of energy, a spirit of variability. I am electricity, I defy gravity for I am part of the electric force of the universe.

I  am matter, I live in a world of perception. I am not what you think of me, I am what I think of myself. I am not what you made of me, I am what I'll make of myself. I am not the shadow of your dreams. I am not the tact of your honor. I am not the grandiosity of your ego. I am my own integrity. I am my own dream. I am honoring, for the first time in my life, no one but myself. 

I am matter. I am my brown eyes. I am my miniature ears. I am my razor-edged nose. I am my frizzy hair. I am my saline dark skin. I am a matter of energy, good or bad, positive or negative, light or dark. Most importantly, I am not you. For you are your own matter, and I am something that matters.