Nov 30, 2011

Collage/Assemblage Exhibition Opening - Tuesday, 6th of December, 2011

Collage/Assemblage explores contemporary incarnations of the technique popularized by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso at the beginning of the 20th century. The show will examine the technique’s impact on traditional media from a conceptual standpoint – its capacity to integrate an element of reality to a work of art through the introduction of external elements – as well as a visual one – its ability to breach limitations of texture and two dimensions.

Artists Participating:

Opening - Tuesday, 6th of December, 2011 - 7.00 pm - 10 pm

Oct 14, 2011

A Matter Of Matter

I am matter, guided by the presence of undetermined energy. I am this energy, both negative and positive, both dark and light, both bad and good.

I am matter. I am not perfect. I am not beautiful. I am not gender. I am not religion. I am not expectations. I am an experiment. I am not a matter of achievements, or ambitions, or magnitudes . I am a series of expansions and contractions. I am opposition and sameness. I am a magnet of information, a matter of energy, a spirit of variability. I am electricity, I defy gravity for I am part of the electric force of the universe.

I  am matter, I live in a world of perception. I am not what you think of me, I am what I think of myself. I am not what you made of me, I am what I'll make of myself. I am not the shadow of your dreams. I am not the tact of your honor. I am not the grandiosity of your ego. I am my own integrity. I am my own dream. I am honoring, for the first time in my life, no one but myself. 

I am matter. I am my brown eyes. I am my miniature ears. I am my razor-edged nose. I am my frizzy hair. I am my saline dark skin. I am a matter of energy, good or bad, positive or negative, light or dark. Most importantly, I am not you. For you are your own matter, and I am something that matters.