Feb 25, 2009

first year projects

Prosthesis. "the wing"
Materials used: aluminum sheet, Bicycle wheel, thread, elastic fabric
Exaggerated Action: the movement of my legs walking
Action translated into: the movement of the wing

Box For Living. "The Throne"
materials used: Stainless steel sheets and steel nails

Feb 19, 2009

STAMPS|li beirut, la beirut. music piracy map out.

> tracing the song "li beirut", i was able to map out the city and show a vivid social fabric that explores a distinctive stratification of need and power. from the entrepreneurial to the most vernacular, from the legal to the illegal; the series of stamps narrates the journey of a song dedicated to beirut, that explores a symphony of identities in beirut.

Feb 17, 2009

days of exile!

City of Obsessions

I am walking in a city. I see a crowd. They are imagining. They are obsessing about a city, or an idea of a city, no one knows what they are seeing. They are imagining. They are chanting and marching together. They are obsessing over a city they never visited, they can only imagine it.

I am walking in a city and I am tired of walking behind a crowd, I’m tired of searching for a city I don’t know, I want to stay where I was before, where I walk alone, behind no crowd.

I am walking in a city, behind the crowds I march, to find a truth, a reality, between all the fabrications and imaginations, I walk with no where to go, and nothing to do, except obsess with crowds and imagine cities…

I am walking in a city and I’m looking to belong, in a city I don’t know. I am looking for an identity in a city of crowds, and obsessions, and fetishes over a city that never belonged to anyone, not to you, not to me, not to anyone other than the memories that are suspended in time. To the million instances that come together to create a million cities. I’m still walking. Still imagining. Trying to belong. I’m left to obsess with the crowds over a city that will never be realized. I’m left to obsess with crowds over a city that will always be remembered.