Jan 31, 2009


DIARY ENTRY Summer 2006
When death arrives, you should stand with respect and silence. When death arrives, you hear nothing but the sharp silence that provokes you to stay still in time and watch with respect the power of the end. So I will say nothing and I will let the silence speak for it self. I came to Beirut 14 years ago. I remember how silent Beirut was, and I listened to it, saying nothing. I saw the destruction, the wounds of that city I grew to love. I heard the stories, I embraced the memories, and I slowly got sucked into the beauty of Beirut, with all its myths, fantasies, wounds, pain, and destruction. As I grew, Beirut grew with me, and I watched it grow just like it watched me. I watched it rise, and I watched it stumble, but I never thought that this day will arrive, the day I see the city I grew to love, the only city that I know, FALL. And so I stand, looking with eyes wide open, with respect and silence. As Beirut watched me hurt, I should now watch it hurt. And as Beirut felt my pain, I should feel its pain, and hear the sharp silence that broke any rational thought, and any beautiful memory I had of it. We will meet again... and  i am sorry I left you. I’m listening to your silence everyday, hearing it in my dreams and embracing it with every conscious hour of my day. I will come back to grow with you once again. But right now, I will stand still, and watch with respect and silence.